A commentator a few days ago raised the idea that when someone like Tycho's vision is enhanced by Exotic Matter, they not only see the future, but they see the right future from among the myriad possibilities.

It led me back to my concern for Carrie, who may have sacrificed herself trying desperately to create a future for us where the civilization you and I thrive in could be given permission to continue to grow.

With no word from Carrie, and no new information except what appears to have been the possible suicide of a female covered in ink, if Carrie did indeed manage to find the truth she was seeking, we may never get it from her first hand.

We may have to rely on those who can see visions of distant places and times, people like Tycho, to open a window for us into that moment.

It remains to be seen if that future will snap into existence.

The thought of the destruct code and the answer code let me to wonder about the function of the Glyphs. I am interested to learn what you may have uncovered from your experience with them, and your work in the field with the Ingress Scanner Technology. What are the functions of Glyphs and how do they work in relation to XM? Why might the Shapers fear the human use of Glyphs so much so that shortly after our discovery of them, a self-destruct code emerged from the Portals...

A passcode, as always, for those who share meaningfully in our discussion.