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You get yourself a snack and some water before you make the jump. Then, you walk to Raziel's Tower. In physical space this time.\n\nAs usual, there's a bit of a wait before you can get a chair. So many people are eager (some desperate) for an escape from their lives. You wonder sometimes how people survived before Otherworld existed.\n\nRaziel's Tower the biggest Otherworld Access station, and also the most popular since it was the first. Anyway, it's finally your turn and a tiny, smiling woman gets you strapped down ("For your safety," they always remind you) and plugged in through the jack in your Augment.\n\nNow, [[the search begins|The search begins]].
"I used to be human," Raziel says. "I used to have a name. I can't remember my real name now, or maybe I chose to forget."\n\n"So, what are you now?" you ask. "And what was that person I spoke to?"\n\n"That 'person' was a shadow of sorts. Your unique ability to use an Augment like you do told me I could bring you here when no one else would make it. That we were closely connected enough for you to be able to reach me. As for what I am..." He closes his eyes for a long time. "My humanity--what's left of it--is what gives the Augments their power. And [[I'm very tired.|Raziel's Wish]]"
[img[raziel-0.10.png]]\n[Note: This was made for the <a href="http://itch.io/jam/cyberpunk-jam" target="_blank">Cyberpunk Game Jam</a>. I hope you enjoy it, and I plan to expand this later.]\n\n\n<p class="centered">[[Click to Start|Choice]]</p>
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Really? Since when do you resist?\n\n[[Use the Augment.|Yes]]
<<set $yourname = prompt("My name is....","Glitch")>>\n\n"<<print $yourname>>," you say to speed along the world reforming around you. "My name is <<print $yourname>>."\n\nNow, you're lying in your own bed with a memory of a request. Luckily, getting to Otherworld is as easy as [[plugging in|Plugging In]].
"Find me in Otherworld," he says in a voice that's soft and rasping. "I'll make sure you can."\n\n"Who <em>are</em> you?" you ask.\n\n<<if $like == "friend">>He answers, "A friend. Or I hope you are to me."<<else if $like == "lover">>Instead of speaking, he turns around and lightly caresses your cheek. "I think we're a part of each other," he says. "That's why you can do this. Then he leans in and kisses your lips, sensual and slow. You put your trembling fingers to them when he pulls away.<br /><br /><em>There's no way it's him</em>, you think. <em>There's no way it's... him</em>.<<else if $like == "stranger">>"Deep down, I think you know," he says. "Either way: find me."<<endif>>\n\nAs you stand in bafflement, he walks towards the open window. "Find me," he tells you again. Laughing, he throws himself off the ledge before you can stop him.\n\n<em>Stupid Jumper</em>, you think as you shake your head.\n\nYou're shocked to see him vanish mid-fall in a whirl of flame.\n\n[["Find Me."|Find Me]]
[img[CPGJ-img-cropped.jpg]]\nRaziel's Tower exists both in and out of Otherworld. Jumping from it in the physical world will shatter your body; jumping in Otherworld will atomize your mind. People who jump from it in either place are searching for [[the angel|The Angel]], urged by the whispers of Augments gone bad or illegally used.\n\n<em>He</em> stands here, a shadow still. His back is turned to you. Strangely, you can't even make out his face when he looks back and [[smiles|Smile]].
Likely side effects of using an Augment outside Otherworld include coma, death, gibbering insanity, murderous rage and, most commonly, suicide, most often by seeking the Higher Nirvana by jumping from <em>Raziel's Tower</em>. But thanks to the pleasures it promises if your mind survives, people like you are too curious not to see if you can take it.\n\n<<back>>
Use the Augment?\n\n<p class="centered">[[Yes]] || [[No|Really?]]</p>
<<silently>>\n<<set $like = "lover">>\n<<endsilently>>\nHe seems like a lover to you, someone you were meant to touch and whose soul is one with yours. And you're sure he's more than just a projection of your subconscious. It's like he truly inhabits this place, whatever "this place" is.\n\nNormally, when you go after him, he vanishes without a trace and the two of your never speak. This time, he lets you catch up with him at the top of [[Raziel's Tower]].
You awaken from your dream. So does the rest of the world. It's too soon to say if you did the <em>best</em> thing, but you did what you felt was [[right|New Era]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $like = "stranger">>\n<<endsilently>>\nHe seems like a stranger to you; you know you've never met. But something about him is so <em>familiar</em>. Familiar and compelling, like you need to follow him. And you're sure he's more than just a projection of your subconscious. It's like he truly inhabits this place, whatever "this place" is.\n\nNormally, when you go after him, he vanishes without a trace and the two of your never speak. This time, he lets you catch up with him at the top of [[Raziel's Tower]].
"All right," you say. You approach the angel <<if $like == "friend">>and steel yourself. Then, you snap his neck.<<else if $like == "lover">>and pick up the knife, which you run right through his heart.<<else if $like == "stranger">>and then easily flip the switch.<<endif>>\n\n[[Raziel....]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $like = "friend">>\n<<endsilently>>\nHe seems like a friend to you, like someone you've met before and whose presence make you feel comfortable. And you're sure he's more than just a projection of your subconscious. It's like he truly inhabits this place, whatever "this place" is.\n\nNormally, when you go after him, he vanishes without a trace and the two of your never speak. This time, he lets you catch up with him at the top of [[Raziel's Tower]].
The game jame's theme illustration was done by Filipe Andrade. It was found at <a href="http://lightamplification.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">lightamplification.tumblr.com</a>.\n\n<<back>>
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Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries. The one who holds all of God's wisdom. It's rumored he lives in the tower somewhere, though no one has seen proof.\n\n<<back>>
[[More Games]]\n\n[[Donations Welcome!|Donations Welcome]]\n\n[[Image Credit]]\n\n
You're now in a white marble temple. No; a sacrificial chamber. A naked black-winged angel is chained to the wall, lifeless as a corpse. You question if he's alive until he slowly lifts his head.\n\n"I knew you would find me, <<print $yourname>>," he whispers. "Do you know who I am now?"\n\nOnce you've recovered your voice, you say, "You must be Raziel."\n\nHe laughs bitterly and says, "That's the name they gave me."\n\nAgain, you find it hard to say anything. He's [[not what you expected.|The Broken Angel]]
No one seems to notice you as you slip behind the door--even though this door you've found looks like it belongs in a dungeon and shuts decisively behind you with the <em>slam</em> of steel.\n\nThen, at the end of a long, dark hall you suspect you're the first to walk, you find [[an astonishing sight|Lost and Found]].
<html>\n<a href="http://games.gamingpixie.com/" target="_blank"><img src="Games-Site.png" height="400" width="550" border="0" /></a>\n<p>Hi! For more games, please <a href="http://games.gamingpixie.com/" target="_blank">visit my website</a>.</p>\n</html>\n\n<<back>>
This visit to Otherworld takes you to a club. A noisy, drunken orgy of a club that's alive with lights and motion, but strangely oblivious to your presence. You weave your way through a sea of gyrating forms until you find [[a door|The Door]].
<<if $like == "lover">>When the blade pierces Raziel's heart, he moans as if he's in esctacy. He dissolves in a dazzle of golden sparks that fade like a lost dream.<<else>>Raziel dies instantly. It looks like he died content.<<endif>>\n\n[[You gave him what he wanted.|Afterlife]]
You awaken with a start from the Other-Otherworld that exists only for you. Recovery always takes you a moment; you pull yourself back to reality by [[saying your own name|Your Name]].
He first appeared as a shadow you glimpsed at the barest edge of your vision. Since then, how seems to you has varied with every trip.\n\nHe seems...\n\n[[like a friend]]\n\n[[like a lover]]\n\n[[like he's merely a stranger to you]]
<<if $like == "friend">>You know now why he brought you here. You see it in his eyes.<<else if $like == "lover">>That's when you finally notice it, if it was always there. Lying there at Raziel's feet is a knife with a blood-red handle.<<else if $like == "stranger">>That's when you finally notice it, if it was always there. There's a switch on the floor at Raziel's feet that says Do Not Touch.<br /><br />"What's that?" you ask.<br /><br />He says, "I'm just a CPU now. That shuts down the system." And that's when you realize what he wants from you.<<endif>>\n\n"You... want me to kill you," you say.\n\nRaziel smiles. "Yes. I've been here for far too long."\n\n"What happens if I do?"\n\n"People will do what they did before. They'll have to live in the real world."\n\nYou take a deep breath. <em>Can I do this?</em>\n\n<p class="centered">[[Yes|You can]] || [[No|You can't]]</p>
You know it's illegal to use the thing outside of Otherworld, but it feels so <em>good</em> -- and not once have you suffered any typical [[ill effects|Such As....]].\n\nThe world becomes a symphony of color and sensation. You inhabit a place that has no name; it's like your own personal Otherworld, but only there's no need to plug in and no contact with other people. And few of the constructs you find here resemble physical space.\n\nYou <em>should</em> be alone in this world other than the esctacy that wraps itself around you. But lately, whenever you come here, [[<em>he</em> seems to be waiting|Who Is He?]].