our first mini-project programming assignment translated to tkinter, with a bit of graphics.  This is the first tkinter code I wrote, back last fall after the project was due.  This one should run fine in Python versions 2.5-2.7 and in 3.x.

You know the game, and if you’ve been keeping up with the first 10 programs posted there should be no surprises in the tkinter code.  But if you have a question feel free to ask. One wrinkle is I added a “Scott Rixner Mode” where Scott becomes the computer and, for some reason, he seems to win a lot more than he should if he were just making random guesses.  Can’t let an MIT guy inside your computer and expect a fair fight, I guess.

Also there’s a HAL 9000 mode but it isn’t implemented.  Last fall a student who had taken one of the Machine Learning classes coded RPSLS so that the computer looked for patterns in the player’s guesses and then adjusted accordingly, hopefully giving the computer a slight advantage over a random guess.  I moved on to something else before implementing this, but I left the button because it looks cool.  So if anyone wants to implement HAL 9000 mode (‘Dave? Dave?’) be my guest. There is a list of other suggested changes at the bottom of the code (all easier than HAL 9000 mode).