converts Scott's Simplegui 'tick' function to tkinter.  Shows how to create a default new window and how to print to the console.  You can activate options to add a name to the newly created Window's title bar (uncomment line 21), to create a window of a specified size (uncomment line 24), and offset the placement of the window when first opened (uncomment line 27).  The equivalent tkinter code is two lines longer than the simplegui version, one extra line to create the window and an extra line for the repeating timer. Note it's much easier to use Scott's timer.  The tkinter equivalent -- root.after( 1000, tick ) -- won't repeat unless you add it recursively to the tick function.  There's a 'time' library in Python you can use to build a similar timer, and there are several good clocking options in pygame, but if there's a better way to make a timer in tkinter I don't know it.