git mark-merge-base
git mark-merge-base <commit hash>
git mark-merge-base [-d | --delete]


Inspect, set or delete the current merge-base marker for the current branch. This should not be needed, but is useful if things get into a snarled state. Pass no arguments to view the current value. If you provide <commit hash>, then git mark-merge-base will attempt to set that as the merge-base value.

It is invalid to pick a commit which is not an ancestor of the current branch.

See git-rebase-update(1)'s description of the branch.<name>.base configuration variable for more info on what the merge base markers are for.



Delete the merge-base marker for the current branch.

<commit hash>

The new value to set for the current branch’s merge-base marker.



Part of the chromium depot_tools(7) suite. These tools are meant to assist with the development of chromium and related projects. Download the tools by checking out the git repository.